1.  Must be your friends FIRST time here.

2.  Friend must take the same class as the FREE friend.

3.  Only the first class is free (not two or three classes in a row).

4.  Can be used for any class on the schedule only on BFF Day.

5.  One guest per visit.

​6.  BFF must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the class to complete Health History Form.

 2215 Cleveland Rd., Suite 109, Sandusky, OH   44870     419 502 0072

​​​Bring a friend for FREE day.  During the first week of every month, a certain day will be designated as BFF day.  You can bring your friend (if it is their first time here)  for free to any class that day.  Starting November 1st, on our Class Schedule we will post the day for each month.  You'll rarely miss a workout when you pick a pal to sweat it out with - they'll instantly hold you accountable for showing up !  You will see better results than if you were working out alone.  Time will pass faster and you will be more motivated!!​​